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Terramax HLT

Actual tire may differ from what is pictured. Wheel/rim not included.

All Season Tire

From C$177.66 to C$352.14

Terramax HLT

Tire Variants

Dimensions Type Price / Tire Price / 4 Tire Set
195/75R16-107/105R All Season C$191.79 C$767.16 View Details
215/70R16-100H All Season C$177.66 C$710.64 View Details
215/85R16-115R All Season C$224.43 C$897.72 View Details
225/75R16-115R All Season C$228.43 C$913.72 View Details
225/75R16-121/120R All Season C$237.06 C$948.24 View Details
235/65R16-121/119R All Season C$217.10 C$868.40 View Details
235/70R16-106T All Season C$194.21 C$776.84 View Details
235/85R16-120R All Season C$241.65 C$966.60 View Details
245/70R16-107T All Season C$206.98 C$827.92 View Details
245/75R16-120R All Season C$258.91 C$1,035.64 View Details
245/75R16-111T All Season C$218.50 C$874.00 View Details
255/70R16-111T All Season C$212.27 C$849.08 View Details
265/70R16-112T All Season C$229.70 C$918.80 View Details
265/75R16-116T All Season C$236.48 C$945.92 View Details
265/75R16-123S All Season C$271.33 C$1,085.32 View Details
225/65R17-102H All Season C$199.66 C$798.64 View Details
235/65R17-104T All Season C$201.49 C$805.96 View Details
235/75R17-109S All Season C$221.82 C$887.28 View Details
235/80R17-120R All Season C$254.56 C$1,018.24 View Details
245/65R17-107T All Season C$224.77 C$899.08 View Details
245/70R17-119S All Season C$266.61 C$1,066.44 View Details
245/70R17-110T All Season C$221.28 C$885.12 View Details
245/75R17-121S All Season C$281.17 C$1,124.68 View Details
265/65R17-112S All Season C$231.84 C$927.36 View Details
265/70R17-115T All Season C$245.54 C$982.16 View Details
265/70R17-121S All Season C$300.50 C$1,202.00 View Details
235/55R18-100V All Season C$218.54 C$874.16 View Details
235/60R18-103H All Season C$245.12 C$980.48 View Details
235/65R18-106H All Season C$249.31 C$997.24 View Details
245/60R18-105H All Season C$252.91 C$1,011.64 View Details
255/55R18-109V All Season C$247.50 C$990.00 View Details
255/65R18-111S All Season C$257.14 C$1,028.56 View Details
265/60R18-110H All Season C$260.18 C$1,040.72 View Details
265/70R18-116H All Season C$283.12 C$1,132.48 View Details
265/70R18-124S All Season C$319.84 C$1,279.36 View Details
275/65R18-123S All Season C$330.62 C$1,322.48 View Details
275/65R18-116T All Season C$284.27 C$1,137.08 View Details
275/70R18-125S All Season C$342.77 C$1,371.08 View Details
235/55R19-101H All Season C$259.90 C$1,039.60 View Details
245/55R19-103S All Season C$270.03 C$1,080.12 View Details
235/55R20-102H All Season C$260.58 C$1,042.32 View Details
245/50R20-102H All Season C$265.25 C$1,061.00 View Details
245/60R20-107H All Season C$286.50 C$1,146.00 View Details
255/50R20-105H All Season C$286.08 C$1,144.32 View Details
255/55R20-107H All Season C$288.50 C$1,154.00 View Details
265/50R20-107V All Season C$291.65 C$1,166.60 View Details
275/55R20-117T All Season C$296.58 C$1,186.32 View Details
275/60R20-115T All Season C$286.19 C$1,144.76 View Details
275/65R20-126S All Season C$352.14 C$1,408.56 View Details
285/45R22-114H All Season C$342.61 C$1,370.44 View Details