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Pilot Super Sport

Actual tire may differ from what is pictured. Wheel/rim not included.

Summer Tire

From C$275.71 to C$811.83

Pilot Super Sport

Tire Variants

Dimensions Type Price / Tire Price / 4 Tire Set
205/45ZR17XL-88Y Summer C$275.71 C$1,102.84 View Details
225/40ZR18-88Y Summer C$311.13 C$1,244.52 View Details
225/40ZR18XL-92Y Summer C$300.93 C$1,203.72 View Details
225/40ZR18XL-92Y Summer C$300.93 C$1,203.72 View Details
245/35ZR18XL-92Y Summer C$366.39 C$1,465.56 View Details
255/35ZR18XL-94Y Summer C$412.29 C$1,649.16 View Details
265/40ZR18-97Y Summer C$429.30 C$1,717.20 View Details
265/40ZR18XL-101Y Summer C$489.65 C$1,958.60 View Details
275/40ZR18-99Y Summer C$485.39 C$1,941.56 View Details
245/35ZR19XL-93Y Summer C$433.54 C$1,734.16 View Details
245/35ZR19XL-93Y Summer C$472.65 C$1,890.60 View Details
255/35ZR19XL-96Y Summer C$442.89 C$1,771.56 View Details
255/35ZR19XL-96Y Summer C$427.59 C$1,710.36 View Details
255/45ZR19-100Y Summer C$517.70 C$2,070.80 View Details
265/35ZR19XL-98Y Summer C$535.56 C$2,142.24 View Details
275/35ZR19XL-100Y Summer C$520.25 C$2,081.00 View Details
295/30ZR19XL-100Y Summer C$577.21 C$2,308.84 View Details
295/30ZR19XL-100Y Summer C$593.35 C$2,373.40 View Details
295/35ZR19XL-104Y Summer C$643.51 C$2,574.04 View Details
295/35ZR19-100Y Summer C$611.20 C$2,444.80 View Details
305/35ZR19-102Y Summer C$675.81 C$2,703.24 View Details
245/35R20XL-95Y Summer C$561.90 C$2,247.60 View Details
245/40ZR20XL-99Y Summer C$484.54 C$1,938.16 View Details
255/40ZR20XL-101Y Summer C$568.70 C$2,274.80 View Details
265/30ZR20XL-94Y Summer C$589.11 C$2,356.44 View Details
265/35ZR20XL-99Y Summer C$544.90 C$2,179.60 View Details
275/35ZR20XL-102Y Summer C$516.84 C$2,067.36 View Details
305/30ZR20XL-103Y Summer C$673.27 C$2,693.08 View Details
335/30ZR20XL-108Y Summer C$811.83 C$3,247.32 View Details
245/35ZR21XL-96Y Summer C$457.34 C$1,829.36 View Details
265/35ZR21XL-101Y Summer C$499.85 C$1,999.40 View Details
325/30ZR21XL-108Y Summer C$702.17 C$2,808.68 View Details