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Pilot Sport 4 SUV

Actual tire may differ from what is pictured. Wheel/rim not included.

Summer Tire

From C$264.37 to C$968.09

Pilot Sport 4 SUV

Tire Variants

Dimensions Type Price / Tire Price / 4 Tire Set
235/65R17XL-108V Summer C$264.37 C$1,057.48 View Details
225/60R18-100V Summer C$297.40 C$1,189.60 View Details
235/60R18XL-107W Summer C$270.37 C$1,081.48 View Details
235/65R18XL-110H Summer C$323.58 C$1,294.32 View Details
255/60R18XL-112W Summer C$269.50 C$1,078.00 View Details
265/60R18-110V Summer C$338.40 C$1,353.60 View Details
235/55R19XL-105Y Summer C$338.40 C$1,353.60 View Details
245/50R19XL-105W Summer C$423.87 C$1,695.48 View Details
255/50R19XL-107Y Summer C$368.05 C$1,472.20 View Details
255/55R19XL-111Y Summer C$331.42 C$1,325.68 View Details
265/55R19XL-113Y Summer C$320.95 C$1,283.80 View Details
245/50R20-102V Summer C$437.83 C$1,751.32 View Details
255/45R20XL-105Y Summer C$503.24 C$2,012.96 View Details
255/45R20XL-105W Summer C$434.33 C$1,737.32 View Details
265/45R20XL-108Y Summer C$532.01 C$2,128.04 View Details
265/50R20-107V Summer C$594.81 C$2,379.24 View Details
275/50ZR20XL-113Y Summer C$493.64 C$1,974.56 View Details
285/50R20XL-116W Summer C$349.74 C$1,398.96 View Details
235/45R21XL-101Y Summer C$619.23 C$2,476.92 View Details
235/45R21XL-101Y Summer C$619.23 C$2,476.92 View Details
245/45R21XL-104W Summer C$638.42 C$2,553.68 View Details
265/40R21XL-105Y Summer C$579.99 C$2,319.96 View Details
265/45R21-104W Summer C$571.26 C$2,285.04 View Details
275/45R21XL-110Y Summer C$648.89 C$2,595.56 View Details
275/50R21XL-113V Summer C$658.48 C$2,633.92 View Details
285/45R21XL-113Y Summer C$648.01 C$2,592.04 View Details
295/40R21XL-111Y Summer C$681.16 C$2,724.64 View Details
315/35R21XL-111Y Summer C$713.43 C$2,853.72 View Details
315/40R21XL-115Y Summer C$790.18 C$3,160.72 View Details
275/35R22XL-104Y Summer C$661.10 C$2,644.40 View Details
275/40R22XL-108Y Summer C$599.17 C$2,396.68 View Details
285/40R22XL-110Y Summer C$859.95 C$3,439.80 View Details
285/45R22XL-114Y Summer C$444.80 C$1,779.20 View Details
295/40R22XL-112Y Summer C$668.07 C$2,672.28 View Details
325/40R22-114Y Summer C$517.85 C$2,071.40 View Details
285/35R23XL-107Y Summer C$968.09 C$3,872.36 View Details