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Pilot Alpin PA4

Actual tire may differ from what is pictured. Wheel/rim not included.

Winter Tire

From C$289.80 to C$636.53

Pilot Alpin PA4

Tire Variants

Dimensions Type Price / Tire Price / 4 Tire Set
225/40R18XL-92V Winter C$310.50 C$1,242.00 View Details
235/40R18XL-95V Winter C$349.31 C$1,397.24 View Details
245/40R18XL-97V Winter C$301.01 C$1,204.04 View Details
245/45R18XL-100V Winter C$289.80 C$1,159.20 View Details
245/45R18XL-100V Winter C$334.65 C$1,338.60 View Details
245/50R18XL-104V Winter C$355.35 C$1,421.40 View Details
255/35R18XL-94V Winter C$381.23 C$1,524.92 View Details
255/35R18XL-94V Winter C$345.86 C$1,383.44 View Details
265/40R18XL-101V Winter C$378.64 C$1,514.56 View Details
225/35R19XL-88W Winter C$406.24 C$1,624.96 View Details
235/40R19-92V Winter C$382.09 C$1,528.36 View Details
235/45R19XL-99V Winter C$404.51 C$1,618.04 View Details
235/45R19XL-99V Winter C$391.58 C$1,566.32 View Details
245/35R19XL-93W Winter C$402.79 C$1,611.16 View Details
255/35R19XL-96V Winter C$389.85 C$1,559.40 View Details
255/45R19-100V Winter C$379.50 C$1,518.00 View Details
255/45R19XL-104V Winter C$379.50 C$1,518.00 View Details
265/35R19XL-98W Winter C$492.49 C$1,969.96 View Details
265/40R19-98V Winter C$397.61 C$1,590.44 View Details
275/40R19XL-105W Winter C$457.99 C$1,831.96 View Details
285/40R19-103V Winter C$454.54 C$1,818.16 View Details
295/35R19XL-104V Winter C$489.90 C$1,959.60 View Details
295/40R19XL-108V Winter C$413.14 C$1,652.56 View Details
235/35R20XL-92V Winter C$445.05 C$1,780.20 View Details
245/35R20-91V Winter C$457.99 C$1,831.96 View Details
275/35R20XL-102W Winter C$538.20 C$2,152.80 View Details
275/40R20XL-106V Winter C$432.98 C$1,731.92 View Details
285/35R20XL-104V Winter C$506.29 C$2,025.16 View Details
285/35R20XL-104V Winter C$557.18 C$2,228.72 View Details
295/30R20XL-101V Winter C$528.71 C$2,114.84 View Details
305/30R20XL-103W Winter C$636.53 C$2,546.12 View Details
315/35R20XL-110V Winter C$448.50 C$1,794.00 View Details
335/25R20XL-103W Winter C$544.24 C$2,176.96 View Details
255/35R21XL-98W Winter C$608.93 C$2,435.72 View Details
285/30R21XL-100W Winter C$635.66 C$2,542.64 View Details