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Defender LTX M/S

Actual tire may differ from what is pictured. Wheel/rim not included.

All Season Tire

From C$204.45 to C$561.67

Defender LTX M/S

Tire Variants

Dimensions Type Price / Tire Price / 4 Tire Set
215/75R15-100T All Season C$204.45 C$817.80 View Details
235/75R15XL-109T All Season C$222.08 C$888.32 View Details
215/55R16XL-97H All Season C$228.24 C$912.96 View Details
215/70R16-100H All Season C$219.43 C$877.72 View Details
235/70R16XL-109T All Season C$256.44 C$1,025.76 View Details
235/75R16XL-112T All Season C$214.14 C$856.56 View Details
245/70R16-107T All Season C$273.18 C$1,092.72 View Details
245/75R16-111T All Season C$255.56 C$1,022.24 View Details
255/65R16-109T All Season C$289.05 C$1,156.20 View Details
255/70R16-111T All Season C$270.54 C$1,082.16 View Details
265/70R16-112T All Season C$279.36 C$1,117.44 View Details
265/75R16-116T All Season C$268.78 C$1,075.12 View Details
LT265/75R16/10-123/120R All Season C$335.75 C$1,343.00 View Details
215/50R17XL-95H All Season C$247.63 C$990.52 View Details
225/55R17XL-101H All Season C$258.21 C$1,032.84 View Details
225/65R17-102H All Season C$215.90 C$863.60 View Details
LT225/75R17/10-116/113R All Season C$351.61 C$1,406.44 View Details
235/65R17-104T All Season C$255.56 C$1,022.24 View Details
235/70R17XL-109T All Season C$264.37 C$1,057.48 View Details
235/75R17-109T All Season C$285.52 C$1,142.08 View Details
245/65R17-107T All Season C$276.71 C$1,106.84 View Details
LT245/75R17/10-121/118R All Season C$344.56 C$1,378.24 View Details
255/65R17-110T All Season C$304.03 C$1,216.12 View Details
255/70R17-112T All Season C$295.22 C$1,180.88 View Details
265/65R17-112T All Season C$304.03 C$1,216.12 View Details
LT265/70R17/10-121/118R All Season C$371.89 C$1,487.56 View Details
265/70R17-115T All Season C$291.70 C$1,166.80 View Details
LT285/70R17/10-121/118R All Season C$378.05 C$1,512.20 View Details
235/55R18-100T All Season C$285.20 C$1,140.80 View Details
235/60R18XL-107H All Season C$279.09 C$1,116.36 View Details
235/65R18-106T All Season C$271.24 C$1,084.96 View Details
245/60R18-105H All Season C$293.04 C$1,172.16 View Details
255/65R18-111T All Season C$279.09 C$1,116.36 View Details
LT255/65R18/10-120/117R All Season C$313.97 C$1,255.88 View Details
265/60R18-110T All Season C$300.90 C$1,203.60 View Details
265/65R18-114T All Season C$296.54 C$1,186.16 View Details
265/70R18-116T All Season C$304.38 C$1,217.52 View Details
LT265/70R18/10-124/121R All Season C$350.61 C$1,402.44 View Details
275/60R18-113H All Season C$314.85 C$1,259.40 View Details
275/65R18-116T All Season C$305.26 C$1,221.04 View Details
LT275/65R18/10-123/120R All Season C$361.08 C$1,444.32 View Details
LT275/70R18/10-125/122R All Season C$398.58 C$1,594.32 View Details
285/60R18XL-120H All Season C$310.49 C$1,241.96 View Details
LT295/70R18/10-129/126R All Season C$439.56 C$1,758.24 View Details
235/45R19-95H All Season C$334.91 C$1,339.64 View Details
235/55R19XL-105H All Season C$288.68 C$1,154.72 View Details
245/55R19-103H All Season C$312.24 C$1,248.96 View Details
255/50R19XL-107H All Season C$343.63 C$1,374.52 View Details
255/60R19-109H All Season C$280.83 C$1,123.32 View Details
235/55R20-102H All Season C$275.60 C$1,102.40 View Details
245/60R20-107H All Season C$330.54 C$1,322.16 View Details
255/50R20XL-109H All Season C$338.40 C$1,353.60 View Details
255/55R20XL-110H All Season C$327.93 C$1,311.72 View Details
265/50R20-107T All Season C$343.63 C$1,374.52 View Details
LT265/60R20/10-121/118R All Season C$366.31 C$1,465.24 View Details
275/55R20-113T All Season C$351.49 C$1,405.96 View Details
275/60R20-115T All Season C$368.92 C$1,475.68 View Details
LT275/65R20/10-126/123R All Season C$417.76 C$1,671.04 View Details
285/50R20XL-116H All Season C$361.08 C$1,444.32 View Details
LT285/60R20/10-125/122R All Season C$523.30 C$2,093.20 View Details
LT285/65R20/10-127/124R All Season C$539.87 C$2,159.48 View Details
LT295/60R20/10-126/123R All Season C$538.12 C$2,152.48 View Details
LT295/65R20/10-129/126R All Season C$551.21 C$2,204.84 View Details
305/50R20-116H All Season C$413.40 C$1,653.60 View Details
275/50R22-111H All Season C$561.67 C$2,246.68 View Details
285/45R22XL-114H All Season C$386.37 C$1,545.48 View Details
285/45R22-110H All Season C$393.35 C$1,573.40 View Details
305/40R22XL-114H All Season C$505.85 C$2,023.40 View Details
305/45R22XL-118H All Season C$422.13 C$1,688.52 View Details