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CrossClimate2 CUV

Actual tire may differ from what is pictured. Wheel/rim not included.

All Weather Tire

From C$198.05 to C$539.65

CrossClimate2 CUV

Tire Variants

Dimensions Type Price / Tire Price / 4 Tire Set
215/65R16-98H All Weather C$198.05 C$792.20 View Details
225/65R17-102H All Weather C$222.08 C$888.32 View Details
235/65R17-104H All Weather C$260.84 C$1,043.36 View Details
245/65R17-107H All Weather C$290.72 C$1,162.88 View Details
225/55R18-98H All Weather C$242.47 C$969.88 View Details
225/60R18-100H All Weather C$238.97 C$955.88 View Details
235/55R18-100V All Weather C$292.17 C$1,168.68 View Details
235/60R18XL-107V All Weather C$286.94 C$1,147.76 View Details
235/60R18XL-107H All Weather C$288.68 C$1,154.72 View Details
235/65R18-106V All Weather C$293.92 C$1,175.68 View Details
235/65R18-106H All Weather C$289.56 C$1,158.24 View Details
245/55R18-103V All Weather C$286.07 C$1,144.28 View Details
245/60R18-105V All Weather C$270.37 C$1,081.48 View Details
255/60R18XL-112V All Weather C$341.60 C$1,366.40 View Details
255/65R18-111H All Weather C$289.81 C$1,159.24 View Details
265/60R18-110V All Weather C$301.62 C$1,206.48 View Details
225/55R19-99V All Weather C$301.77 C$1,207.08 View Details
235/45R19XL-99V All Weather C$361.08 C$1,444.32 View Details
235/50R19XL-103V All Weather C$293.04 C$1,172.16 View Details
235/55R19XL-105H All Weather C$303.51 C$1,214.04 View Details
235/55R19XL-105V All Weather C$309.61 C$1,238.44 View Details
245/55R19-103V All Weather C$293.92 C$1,175.68 View Details
255/45R19XL-104V All Weather C$352.50 C$1,410.00 View Details
255/55R19XL-111V All Weather C$338.87 C$1,355.48 View Details
255/60R19-109H All Weather C$310.71 C$1,242.84 View Details
265/50R19XL-110V All Weather C$402.47 C$1,609.88 View Details
235/45R20XL-100H All Weather C$334.04 C$1,336.16 View Details
235/50R20XL-104V All Weather C$440.62 C$1,762.48 View Details
235/55R20-102H All Weather C$293.04 C$1,172.16 View Details
235/55R20-102V All Weather C$298.28 C$1,193.12 View Details
245/50R20-102V All Weather C$332.29 C$1,329.16 View Details
255/45R20XL-105V All Weather C$371.58 C$1,486.32 View Details
255/50R20XL-109V All Weather C$379.75 C$1,519.00 View Details
255/55R20XL-110V All Weather C$308.89 C$1,235.56 View Details
265/45R20XL-108V All Weather C$372.49 C$1,489.96 View Details
265/50R20XL-111V All Weather C$361.58 C$1,446.32 View Details
275/45R20XL-110V All Weather C$383.39 C$1,533.56 View Details
275/50R20XL-113V All Weather C$472.42 C$1,889.68 View Details
285/40R20XL-108V All Weather C$497.86 C$1,991.44 View Details
285/45R20XL-112V All Weather C$500.58 C$2,002.32 View Details
255/40R21XL-102V All Weather C$539.65 C$2,158.60 View Details
265/40R21XL-105V All Weather C$509.67 C$2,038.68 View Details
265/45R21XL-108V All Weather C$446.98 C$1,787.92 View Details
275/40R21XL-107V All Weather C$461.52 C$1,846.08 View Details
285/45R22XL-114H All Weather C$428.81 C$1,715.24 View Details