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Firehawk AS

Actual tire may differ from what is pictured. Wheel/rim not included.

All Season Tire

From C$134.90 to C$302.32

Firehawk AS

Tire Variants

Dimensions Type Price / Tire Price / 4 Tire Set
185/55R15-82V All Season C$145.74 C$582.96 View Details
195/55R15-85V All Season C$146.27 C$585.08 View Details
195/65R15-91H All Season C$134.90 C$539.60 View Details
195/50R16-84V All Season C$165.58 C$662.32 View Details
195/55R16-87V All Season C$153.67 C$614.68 View Details
205/55R16-91H All Season C$161.08 C$644.32 View Details
215/55R16XL-97V All Season C$165.58 C$662.32 View Details
215/45R17XL-91V All Season C$174.04 C$696.16 View Details
215/50R17XL-95V All Season C$187.53 C$750.12 View Details
225/45R17XL-94V All Season C$182.77 C$731.08 View Details
225/60R17-99V All Season C$165.05 C$660.20 View Details
235/55R17-99V All Season C$189.91 C$759.64 View Details
215/55R18-95H All Season C$197.85 C$791.40 View Details
225/40R18XL-92V All Season C$208.96 C$835.84 View Details
225/45R18XL-95V All Season C$197.85 C$791.40 View Details
235/45R18-94V All Season C$207.10 C$828.40 View Details
235/50R18-97V All Season C$217.68 C$870.72 View Details
235/55R18-100V All Season C$206.57 C$826.28 View Details
245/40R18XL-97V All Season C$239.11 C$956.44 View Details
245/45R18XL-100V All Season C$233.55 C$934.20 View Details
235/40R19XL-96V All Season C$258.95 C$1,035.80 View Details
245/45R20XL-103V All Season C$235.93 C$943.72 View Details
275/40R20XL-106V All Season C$302.32 C$1,209.28 View Details