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Firehawk Indy 500

Actual tire may differ from what is pictured. Wheel/rim not included.

Summer Tire

Extra Load

C$ 320.56

per tire


4 tires

Currently Out of Stock

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Firehawk Indy 500





Firehawk Indy 500


20 inch



Aspect Ratio




Load Index


Speed Rating


Extra Load


Side Wall

black wall

Max Load

1709 lbs

Tread Width


Overall Tire Diameter


Contiwinter Contact TS760

Additional Sizes

Dimensions Type Price / Tire Price / 4 Tire Set
195/55R16-87W Summer C$174.51 C$698.04 View Details
205/45R16XL Summer C$191.76 C$767.04 View Details
205/50R16-87W Summer C$188.03 C$752.12 View Details
205/55R16-91W Summer C$191.76 C$767.04 View Details
225/50R16-92W Summer C$199.53 C$798.12 View Details
205/40R17XL-84W Summer C$191.48 C$765.92 View Details
205/45R17XL-88W Summer C$199.24 C$796.96 View Details
205/50R17XL-93W Summer C$204.13 C$816.52 View Details
215/45R17XL-91W Summer C$196.65 C$786.60 View Details
215/55R17-94W Summer C$226.55 C$906.20 View Details
225/45R17XL-94W Summer C$209.01 C$836.04 View Details
225/50R17-94W Summer C$232.01 C$928.04 View Details
225/55R17-97W Summer C$235.18 C$940.72 View Details
235/45R17-94W Summer C$215.05 C$860.20 View Details
235/50R17-96W Summer C$240.93 C$963.72 View Details
235/55R17-99W Summer C$232.59 C$930.36 View Details
245/40R17-91W Summer C$227.13 C$908.52 View Details
245/45R17XL-99W Summer C$229.71 C$918.84 View Details
255/40R17-94W Summer C$252.14 C$1,008.56 View Details
275/40R17-98W Summer C$271.69 C$1,086.76 View Details
215/40R18XL-89W Summer C$261.91 C$1,047.64 View Details
215/45R18XL-93W Summer C$228.56 C$914.24 View Details
225/40R18XL-92W Summer C$225.40 C$901.60 View Details
225/45R18XL-95W Summer C$244.38 C$977.52 View Details
225/50R18-95W Summer C$209.88 C$839.52 View Details
235/40R18XL Summer C$260.48 C$1,041.92 View Details
235/45R18XL-98W Summer C$266.80 C$1,067.20 View Details
235/50R18XL-101W Summer C$250.41 C$1,001.64 View Details
235/55R18-100W Summer C$225.11 C$900.44 View Details
245/35R18XL-92W Summer C$332.93 C$1,331.72 View Details
245/40R18XL-97W Summer C$278.59 C$1,114.36 View Details
245/45R18XL-100W Summer C$267.38 C$1,069.52 View Details
255/35R18XL-94W Summer C$280.89 C$1,123.56 View Details
255/40R18XL-99W Summer C$305.90 C$1,223.60 View Details
255/45R18XL-103W Summer C$292.39 C$1,169.56 View Details
265/35R18XL-97W Summer C$332.93 C$1,331.72 View Details
275/35R18-95W Summer C$328.04 C$1,312.16 View Details
275/40R18-99W Summer C$319.41 C$1,277.64 View Details
225/35R19XL-88W Summer C$290.66 C$1,162.64 View Details
225/40R19XL-93W Summer C$229.43 C$917.72 View Details
225/45R19XL-96W Summer C$234.31 C$937.24 View Details
235/35R19XL-91W Summer C$305.61 C$1,222.44 View Details
245/35R19XL-93W Summer C$352.76 C$1,411.04 View Details
245/40R19XL-98W Summer C$305.61 C$1,222.44 View Details
245/45R19-98W Summer C$324.88 C$1,299.52 View Details
P245/50R19XL-104W Summer C$265.08 C$1,060.32 View Details
255/35R19XL-96W Summer C$305.04 C$1,220.16 View Details
255/40R19XL-100W Summer C$293.25 C$1,173.00 View Details
265/30R19XL-93W Summer C$377.49 C$1,509.96 View Details
265/35R19XL-98W Summer C$331.20 C$1,324.80 View Details
265/40R19-98W Summer C$317.69 C$1,270.76 View Details
275/30R19XL-96W Summer C$370.59 C$1,482.36 View Details
275/35R19XL-100W Summer C$313.09 C$1,252.36 View Details
275/40R19-101W Summer C$371.16 C$1,484.64 View Details
285/30R19XL-98W Summer C$411.70 C$1,646.80 View Details
285/35R19-99W Summer C$358.51 C$1,434.04 View Details
325/30R19-101W Summer C$481.85 C$1,927.40 View Details
245/45R20XL-103W Summer C$335.80 C$1,343.20 View Details
255/35R20XL-97W Summer C$256.16 C$1,024.64 View Details
255/45R20-101W Summer C$312.80 C$1,251.20 View Details
275/35R20XL-102W Summer C$350.18 C$1,400.72 View Details
275/40R20XL-106W Summer C$362.83 C$1,451.32 View Details
285/30R20XL-99W Summer C$384.10 C$1,536.40 View Details
285/35R20-100W Summer C$350.18 C$1,400.72 View Details
295/30R20XL-101W Summer C$395.31 C$1,581.24 View Details
305/35R20-104W Summer C$378.64 C$1,514.56 View Details