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Firehawk Indy 500

Actual tire may differ from what is pictured. Wheel/rim not included.

Summer Tire


C$ 250.06

per tire


4 tires

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Firehawk Indy 500





Firehawk Indy 500


18 inch



Aspect Ratio




Load Index

Tread Width


Overall Tire Diameter


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Additional Sizes

Dimensions Type Price / Tire Price / 4 Tire Set
195/55R16-87W Summer C$167.53 C$670.12 View Details
205/45R16XL Summer C$184.09 C$736.36 View Details
205/50R16-87W Summer C$180.50 C$722.00 View Details
205/55R16-91W Summer C$184.09 C$736.36 View Details
225/50R16-92W Summer C$191.54 C$766.16 View Details
205/40R17XL-84W Summer C$183.82 C$735.28 View Details
205/45R17XL-88W Summer C$191.27 C$765.08 View Details
205/50R17XL-93W Summer C$195.96 C$783.84 View Details
215/45R17XL-91W Summer C$188.78 C$755.12 View Details
215/55R17-94W Summer C$217.49 C$869.96 View Details
225/45R17XL-94W Summer C$200.65 C$802.60 View Details
225/50R17-94W Summer C$222.73 C$890.92 View Details
225/55R17-97W Summer C$225.77 C$903.08 View Details
235/45R17-94W Summer C$206.45 C$825.80 View Details
235/50R17-96W Summer C$231.29 C$925.16 View Details
235/55R17-99W Summer C$223.28 C$893.12 View Details
245/40R17-91W Summer C$218.04 C$872.16 View Details
245/45R17XL-99W Summer C$220.52 C$882.08 View Details
255/40R17-94W Summer C$242.05 C$968.20 View Details
275/40R17-98W Summer C$260.82 C$1,043.28 View Details
215/40R18XL-89W Summer C$251.44 C$1,005.76 View Details
215/45R18XL-93W Summer C$219.42 C$877.68 View Details
225/40R18XL-92W Summer C$216.38 C$865.52 View Details
225/45R18XL-95W Summer C$234.60 C$938.40 View Details
225/50R18-95W Summer C$201.48 C$805.92 View Details
235/45R18XL-98W Summer C$256.13 C$1,024.52 View Details
235/50R18XL-101W Summer C$240.40 C$961.60 View Details
235/55R18-100W Summer C$216.11 C$864.44 View Details
245/35R18XL-92W Summer C$319.61 C$1,278.44 View Details
245/40R18XL-97W Summer C$267.44 C$1,069.76 View Details
245/45R18XL-100W Summer C$256.68 C$1,026.72 View Details
255/35R18XL-94W Summer C$269.65 C$1,078.60 View Details
255/40R18XL-99W Summer C$293.66 C$1,174.64 View Details
255/45R18XL-103W Summer C$280.69 C$1,122.76 View Details
265/35R18XL-97W Summer C$319.61 C$1,278.44 View Details
275/35R18-95W Summer C$314.92 C$1,259.68 View Details
275/40R18-99W Summer C$306.64 C$1,226.56 View Details
225/35R19XL-88W Summer C$279.04 C$1,116.16 View Details
225/40R19XL-93W Summer C$220.25 C$881.00 View Details
225/45R19XL-96W Summer C$224.94 C$899.76 View Details
235/35R19XL-91W Summer C$293.39 C$1,173.56 View Details
245/35R19XL-93W Summer C$338.65 C$1,354.60 View Details
245/40R19XL-98W Summer C$293.39 C$1,173.56 View Details
245/45R19-98W Summer C$311.88 C$1,247.52 View Details
P245/50R19XL-104W Summer C$254.47 C$1,017.88 View Details
255/35R19XL-96W Summer C$292.84 C$1,171.36 View Details
255/40R19XL-100W Summer C$281.52 C$1,126.08 View Details
265/30R19XL-93W Summer C$362.39 C$1,449.56 View Details
265/35R19XL-98W Summer C$317.95 C$1,271.80 View Details
265/40R19-98W Summer C$304.98 C$1,219.92 View Details
275/30R19XL-96W Summer C$355.76 C$1,423.04 View Details
275/35R19XL-100W Summer C$300.56 C$1,202.24 View Details
275/40R19-101W Summer C$356.32 C$1,425.28 View Details
285/30R19XL-98W Summer C$395.23 C$1,580.92 View Details
285/35R19-99W Summer C$344.17 C$1,376.68 View Details
325/30R19-101W Summer C$462.58 C$1,850.32 View Details
245/40R20XL-99W Summer C$307.74 C$1,230.96 View Details
245/45R20XL-103W Summer C$322.37 C$1,289.48 View Details
255/35R20XL-97W Summer C$245.92 C$983.68 View Details
255/45R20-101W Summer C$300.29 C$1,201.16 View Details
275/35R20XL-102W Summer C$336.17 C$1,344.68 View Details
275/40R20XL-106W Summer C$348.31 C$1,393.24 View Details
285/30R20XL-99W Summer C$368.74 C$1,474.96 View Details
285/35R20-100W Summer C$336.17 C$1,344.68 View Details
295/30R20XL-101W Summer C$379.50 C$1,518.00 View Details
305/35R20-104W Summer C$363.49 C$1,453.96 View Details